Silica gel – some interesting ideas


I doubt there is a person who has not seen the small bags full of a strange substance, which come out of the footwear boxes, suitcases, handbags and electronic equipment. But I bet most them hardly know what this substance is used for. This is actually a bag full of silica gel, whose sole purpose is to protect products from moisture, through its ability to absorb water vapor from the air.

Facts about the Silica gel

The silica gel is a form of silicon dioxide. It might seem unbelievable but the first mention of the silica gel is far back in 1640 (according to a research paper by Maryann Feldman and Pierre Desrochers 2003 – Research Universities and Local Economic Development: Lessons from the History of the Johns Hopkins University), and interestingly enough the silica gel was also used in WWI to absorb vapors and gases in containers of gas masks.

At present people are used to seeing packs of silica gel in the boxes of products that could be damaged by exposure to excessive moisture – shoes, handbags, cases, electronics, metal objects susceptible to rust and others. In recent years, silica gel is often used in pet litter boxes because of his considerable ability to absorb the vapor.

It is important to note that the silica gel is non-flammable and is also not toxic.

Due to its specific characteristics, porous structure and vast internal surface silica gel can absorb moisture to about 40% of its own weight, which is a remarkable achievement and determines its frequent use to protect goods from moisture.

If we managed to gain your attention to the positive qualities of the silica gel, next time do not dispose of the small bags you found in the box of your new shoes but take them and use them for the following purpose:

Everyday use of silica gel

Here are a few ideas about the silica gel that will help you in everyday life and will save you from unpleasant emotions associated with moisture.

In sports bag

You can use bags of silica gel to desiccate the moisture that inevitably appears in the bag, which you use to go to the gym. This will limit bacterial growth and the accompanying odor.

In the toolbox

Several packets of silica gel in your home toolbox will protect your tools from rusting and your pliers will move freely next time you start working with them.

In the bathroom

Guess where you have the most moisture in a house?

Of course, in the bathroom. If you want to help bathfans in the difficult struggle with water, leave several packages of silica gel in the towel cupboards to keep them dry.

Rescue your GSM

As much as we all try to avoid wetting our phone, sometimes it happens. An alternative to the famous “treatment” in a bowl of rice was to leave the phone in a box with bags of silica gel – works flawlessly.

Protecting photos

In the era of digital photography many people have forgotten the old paper photos, but they are our memories and of course we must take the respective care about them. A little silica gel on the album or the cabinet will ensure photos long preservation .

No more foggy car windows

All of you who are frequent drivers know that sometimes, especially in autumn and spring our car windows become blurry. Several packets of silica gel under the glass could help us in the fight against condensed windows.