Best cheap mouse for gaming

Cheap gaming mouse

When it comes to a good gaming mouse there are some things that are important and every player who is now looking for a mouse should keep them in mind.

As a player you would know how determining your mouse can be for your game. So if you do not want to be disappointed of the model you buy, consider at least some of the basic characteristics that are crucial when choosing this device.


Starting from the beginning – you need to decide what are you going to use the mouse for?

Is it going to be used on your computer where you play all kinds of games?

If so, an all-purpose mouse would do you the job. But in case, you are keen on some specific genres better think about getting a gaming mouse with some particular features. The difference between these two types of mice is significant. With the all-purpose mouse you will be able to play almost any game you can think of. There is nothing too special about it, but it would defiantly satisfy the big number of games you play.  On the other hand, the specialized mice might be of great help depending on the genre.

For example, if your favorites are games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike – look for an FPS Mouse. 

For the World of Warcraft fans the best option is MMO Mouse which will be pretty helpful with its buttons. And for those who are keen on League of Legends, a perfect choice would be RTS mouse.

There is another type of gaming mice and it is made especially for those who want flexibility, functionality and comfort all in one. These true game lovers will get all this if they chose a customizable mouse. They are more expensive, of course but you get what you pay for and you can customize this type of mouse the way you feel is perfect for you.


The next step is to figure out what is your favorite position of holding your gaming mouse. The grip is very important, especially if you spend a lot of hours playing. There are usually three types of grips: a palm grip, a claw grip or a fingertip grip. Knowing which one is best for you will make it so much easier to make your choice.

If you can – try holding at least a couple of mice before you purchase, so that you know exactly which one will fit perfectly in your palm.


This is another important matter. It is best if you set a price range that will do for you. Usually, you can find a great mouse under $50, but if you need some additional features you will have to spend probably over a $100.

Here you are going to find information for some of the best cheap gaming mice for under 50$.

  1. LOGITECH G402 HYPERION – around $45Cheap gaming mice selection

With its flawless sensor this mouse is absolutely adequate to FPS gamers who like to spend long hours playing. It is perfect and really light, so you will not feel any fatigue in your hand even if you have played all day long. The DPI is from 250 to 4000 so you do get accuracy and good acceleration, as well.

  1. REDRAGON M601 – under $20

This is a great option if you are usually hard on your mouse and you do not want to spend too much. It has really cool design and offers you comfortable and solid grip.

DPI – up to 2000, which is totally enough and LED lighting.

Well, for this price you even get more than you pay for. This mouse would serve you properly in games like League of Legends or Hartstone, but it is not that good for games like Starcraft II.

  1. LOGITECH G300S – around $30

Another Logitech model that some gamers may think it is even better than the Logitech G402 Hyperion – not only because of the price, but also because of its nine programmable controls. The model offers incredible shape perfect for claw or palm grippers and a gaming – grade optical sensor.

  1. CORSAIR HARPOON – around $50

A wonderful all – purpose mouse, that you can use in any game genre. The mouse is middle sized, which makes it good enough for both – small and big hands. The comfort your arm gets, comes from the rubber side grips, that guarantees no pressure and no fatigue.

Another bonus is the DPI – up to 6000 and of course, the programmable buttons.

  1. COUGAR MINOS X3 – below $30

With its smooth design and RGB backlighting, the Minos X3 is a type of mouse, which will best satisfy the esports gamers. Once you get this mouse in your hand and start moving it on the mouse pad, you will feel how precise and smooth the movements are. This is due to the pro – grade optical sensor. The DPI is up to 3200, but the esports players love it because of the on – the – fly – DPI switcher.Cheap mouse for gaming

  1. CORSAIR SABRE – around $45

This model combines reasonable price and all the essentials that are needed. Accurate and comfortable with punctual optical sensor this Sabre will become your new best friend. The DPI is up to 10000 and when you learn how to program the colors you will see them cycling in the four lit zones.

  1. MAD CATZ R.A.T. 1 – $30

Well this is one suggestion for those who are bored of the usual black mice with some lighting in different places. This model definitely has a unique design and weird shape and you will appreciate it once you see it. Unfortunately, the sensor is not as sensitive as you would like it to be… but the crazy design absolutely makes up for it.

  1. STEELSERIES RIVAL 100 – around $35

Stylish and pretty affordable, the Rival offers to its user ergonomic shape, customizable controls and illuminations and last but not least – accurate and precise movements. What more can you ask for?

  1. ROCCAT LUA – $28

An excellent model which gives you the opportunity to customize the lighting the way you want to and you can also adjust the tracking speed. Suitable for different genres of games, this gaming mouse has solid side grips and offers good quality.


This gaming mouse is considered as the world`s most popular one and it truly deserves it. Almost all gamers agree that there is not even a single thing about this mouse that needs improvement. The model offers great design, DPI – up to 10 000, 50 g acceleration and 16.8 million customizable color positions. Yes, this gaming mouse gives you everything that you need and it is more than perfect for its price.

Now that you have met some of the best affordable mice on the market and you know which characteristics are important, you can make your choice easy. Just remember that there is no such thing as “THE best gaming mouse”. Some models may be awesome for your friends but not comfortable for you. The one that is perfect is the one that fits YOUR needs.